The future of corporate health & performance

The future of corporate health & performance

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Linc engages employees in a healthy lifestyle by connecting organizations with professional athletes through an interactive technical platform.


For Organizations

  • Book workouts and seminars with professional athletes

  • Share your workouts to help each other to a more active lifestyle

  • Track stats and host competitions using data from Google Fitness and Apple Health

For Athletes

  • Earn money by offering workouts and seminars to organizations

  • Share your best tips and workout plans to inspire others

  • Establish connections in the corporate world


 THE research

Multiple studies show the positive work-related benefits of being more physically active. Through reduced absenteeism and increased work efficiency, wellness programs have been shown on average to give a 6:1 return-on investment. 

  • Attract the best employees: Corporate wellness programs show a company’s commitment to its employees, and can be a draw for top talent to join or stay.

  • Keep employees emotionally healthy: Regular exercise is a great way to reduce stress and feelings of depression and anxiety.

  • Boost energy levels: Employees that exercise regularly are more alert during work hours and are less likely to get tired during the workday.



Corporate social responsibility

A part of our profits will be donated to supporting sports federations and organisations in order to give younger athletes, as well as professional ones, further possibilities to follow their passion and through sports contribute to a more sustainable Sweden for everyone.


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