About us


Our Vision

To change the world by Lincing sports & business.

Our Mission

Bridge the gap by providing synergetic, sustainable and value driven opportunities for both the client and the athlete.


Who are we?


• Professional sailor committed to achieving Olympic success.

• Former KTH student, as well as sports management student.

• Olympic campaign manager, including fundraising, establishing partnerships and marketing.

• Passionate about sustainable and eco-friendly investments and partnerships, as well as long term value contribution.


• Former alpine skier on elite level in Sweden and the United States, as well as competitive sailor and windsurfer. When not on the slopes or the water I pursue Olympic weightlifting and train for the Swedish “Klassiker”.

•Pursuing a Master’s degree in Mathematical Statistics & Financial Mathematics at KTH, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Economics at Stockholm School of Economics.

•Former assignments in risk management and capital modelling, as well as iOS app development.

•Passionate about driving corporate performance and productivity forward through innovative solutions contributing to shared value between companies, employees and society.


•Rugby and Hockey nerd.

•Pursuing a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH.

• Former assignments in Management Consulting, Business Development, Sales Management and Project Management.

• Passionate about incorporation of social and environmental sustainability strategies to increase value for all stakeholders.


• Interest in floorball and golf, with the goal of reaching scratch handicap in 2019.

• Pursuing a Masters Degree in Engineering Physics, major in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at KTH.

• Previous experience in front-end development, back-end development and data analysis.

• Passionate about big data and machine learning and how it can be used to create value for both customers and organizations.